Wild Ones

Wild Ones

Playdom Playdom : 11/11/2011 : Shooter Game


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Wild Ones is a multi-player action shooter game on Facebook. It is admitted that there are already many shooter games, however, this time you control your pet and let it fight for you!

You have options of various animals, such as cute monkeys, fat pandas, and even smoking bunnies. You might as well try each type to figure out which is your favorite one. Arm your pet with a weapon among missiles, grenades, baby nukes, laser guns, or other weapons, whatever you want. Then you are ready for battles. It is allowed to choose between private match and multiplayer match. In the multiplayer match, you are to fight against random players while in private match your can battle against your friends as long as you invite them to join in your game. Either game requires skilled manipulation of pets and clever strategies.

It is high time to decide which are the real wild ones, you or your pet?

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