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We all know about the nomadic peoples who are barbarous and cruel in ancient China. Now there is a chance to have a direct confrontation with them in a way of tactical semi-real-time. You can master all the stuff, such as military forces, farming, and economy.

Wartune is an online game which can be played via web browsers or through downloading a client. Set in the fantasy world, Wartune takes on turn-based battles in which players can choose to battle other players or monsters automatically. While it also lets players explore dungeons and other instances cities so as to earn rewards necessary for crafting weapons and equipment.

Wartune features city building, equipment enhancing, dungeon exploring, farm simulating and PvP dueling. All of the above make players busy and excited in the game. Join a solid alliance will provide you a better experience in the game. It is time for you to be part of the game.

Take the responsibility of a city owner in a world that’s been suffering from the invasion of monsters. Recruit units, accommodate citizens, enlarge the warehouse, conduct technological researches, unlock the arena, expand your farm, explore various instance maps, encounter world bosses, or just relax yourself by playing the casual mini games.

No matter you are a warrior, an archer, or a priest, you can always strengthen your defense and damage, both magically and physically. Enroll soldiers, priests or even angels. Confront with enemies, NPCs or real players, make full use of your skills and take them down!


  1. Comprehensive gameplay, including farm cultivation and management
  2. Turn-based combat with the assistance of units and priests
  3. Diversified currency systems enriches the gaming experience and multiplies the excitement and fun
  4. Instance maps and the arena pit players in challenges from opponents of various races and at various levels


  1. Only one building team is available and the cooling down time can be very long
  2. Propaganda is seen everywhere
  3. Those who have lots of experience in Chinese and Korean MMORPGs can be fed up with the typically tiny characters, icons and structures, which altogether form a mess on the interface in many of those games. Well, Holy Song, though bearing a Chinese origin, saves you from all that trouble.
  4. You start the game by collecting resources, killing monsters and assisting a monster-infested city. After that, you become the city owner and start to upgrade the structures, manage the farm, claim resources, battle monsters, and conquer land after land.
  5. Fewer structures await your management, all of which interconnect with each other, making your city a cohesive entity.


You are granted with more facilities as you progress. The city hall is there when you enter the city, and then Barracks, warehouse, blacksmith, residential houses, arena, seminary and others. Your character’s level determines the highest level that your buildings can reach while none of the other buildings can be of higher level than City Hall. Of course, you are obliged to upgrade everything concerned. Barracks of higher ranks enable you to upgrade the units and have more powerful battle companions. The level of residential houses defines how many soldiers you can recruit while the enhancement of seminary makes it possible to research more complicated but constructive technologies.

Comprehensive gameplay guarantees fun between constructions.

You are not confined to the city management-there is a farm awaiting your tending. Plant the crops that offer gold or fighting spirit, remove the weeds and kill insects, and return to your city or your battle field. More plots of farmland are unlocked as your farm levels up, or to be specific, as you accumulate the farming experiences, which can also be obtained by visiting friends’ farms, tending their plants, and replenishing the energy to the ancient trees beside their farms.

One can only attend battles after entering any instance map or the arena.

Battles are turn-based in Holy Song. They come naturally as you enter an instance map. You are involved in battles as long as you come across any monster on your way to kill the boss monster, collect required items, or slay specific enemies. Hire spearmen, archers, priests, swordsmen, knights or even angels, decide the formation and confront your team with the allegedly undead warriors, cow-headed race, or other monsters. Your character automatically utilizes its most common attack, which is also of the least damage, unless you decide otherwise. Skills are listed at the bottom, each corresponding to a specific numeric key on your keyboard. Some skills launch different attacks targeting different opponents-the one with the lowest HP values, for example-while others protect you and avoid damages resulting from opponents’ attacks.

No map of the land you’ve presently stepped on is provided in the game and you have to trace the targets by following the arrows that seldom show up or by feeling the way simply on your own. Once you character doesn’t move in the direction you instruct it to, it has reached a dead end and must go a different way. Pick up the treasures in your way, dig the tombs of the monsters, and you will embrace surprises. You are required sometimes to walk through the transport gate to a new land to encounter advanced monsters and the boss.

After your City Hall reached level 18, you can challenge real players in the arena in single mode, in which you can have your soldiers battle with you. Once your character achieves level 22, multi-player mode will be available, too.

Differentiated currency systems are deployed.

Holy Song features multiple currency systems: gold, which is rewarded after you complete a quest and in turn is required for almost everything you are about to do; crystals, which can be obtained by collecting from the ancient tree beside your farm or occasionally rewarded after you fulfill an instance and is used to conduct researches in the seminary; fighting spirit, gained after achieving victories in battles, growing specified crops on the farm, or collecting items during adventures, are necessary for upgrading your troops; coupons, rendered once you make certain accomplishments, play almost the same role as diamonds (the currency you have access to only when you pay real money) and can speed up the constructions and other time-consuming process.

Holy Song has its limitations.

Holy Song, however, is not perfect. Fortunately, there aren’t dozens of structures, but upgrades take place a lot. With only one construction team working for you, you are bound to wait and return to the city more often than you would like to for instructing the upgrades. You are quested with downloading a login client and logging in with it for one time. Hmm, it’s good to have easy access but I’m not happy to know it’s mandatory to download a client for a browser-based game. I abandoned a mission asking me to input my mobile number, knowing that it would only lead to endless propaganda. Players could easily find a way to spend money on this game: besides the fancy items in the store, superior outfits and weapons, money can also buy you access to gold metallurgy, which could produce large amount of gold.


Despite of the fact that it seizes every opportunity to promote and make a fortune, Holy Song excludes typical annoyances in Chinese MMORPGs, incorporates comprehensive gameplay and adopts turn-based group combat and diversified currency systems. Overall, it is a game one would be silly to ignore.

Wartune, 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 ratings

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