Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Plarium Plarium : 08/20/2011 : Strategy Games


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After the first login with “Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy”, you may be overwhelmed by the graphically opulent and even overloaded interface. But do not panic, for every button and feature has its raison d’être.

In a nutshell is “Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy.” You take on the role of a power-hungry army commander and fights in an intergalactic war. You are to establish a military base, expand it to an impregnable fortress, and to attack enemies successfully.

To establish a base, various resources in separate mines must be collected, such as uranium or titanium. Uranium is usually required for the formation of the defending troops, and titanium for the formation of the attacking troops. Around the base 20 more resources are scattered and can be collected. A special resource, the crystals, which can be purchased or earned by completing tasks, are used to form elite troops or to purchase other supplies.

To wage a successful war, soldiers are trained and new technologies are explored. But you are expected not only to form offensive force but also formidable defense force to protect your own military base. Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy would not be a good social game, if you’re not with other players who are roughly at the same level.

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