Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night

Kabam Kabam : August 30, 2011 : Strategy


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Thirst of Night is a vampire-centered web game developed by Kabam, which also publishes Godfather five families and Dragons of Atlantis. As humans become extinct after the explosion of a magnetic pulse and the following volcanic eruption Vampires, sympathized and justified, get chances to start their own civilizations rather than being enslaved by humankind for the last centuries. There come the battles with human vermins and other bloodlines of vampires, who drink the blood of rival vampires.

You will act the role of a vampire to construct and update your house, research centers, and military training facilities of varied levels.

With a set of artworks and character redesigns, Thirst of Night comes as no surprise even it seemingly delivers a totally new look. But when you put yourself in the real search position, you would probably know what is going on there. No animated battle scences, no gruesome music, no engrossing story. What I was reluctant to expect is all over there – Build a city and upgrade it; do research for somewhat requirement, roam on map in search of weak target. The really disapointing thing should be its micro-transaction business model, which tends to force players to buy the premium items so much so that they could get boosted in efficiency to construct buildings, or speed up research. That makes sense if we have enough cash in the bank.

A game is dressed up differently with a slight change of its UI, and it can make a large sum of money. No wonder there are increasing number of such games exsiting there.


As a vampire-themed game, Thirst of Night (ToN) looks somewhat special, but not distinct. Although the vivid concrete grids have been much better than the grass-covered ground with other city builders, and much easier for placing, I still wander about for more clues of the vampire race except the gloomy concrete walls, concrete floors and concrete roofs.

Beginners build, upgrade, train and research according to the quests, which communicates some theory about the steps to take for village-to-kingdom dreamers. When playing another game where such leading is absent, gamers can do a good job by recalling about ToN. ToN does offer more resources and longer life span for beginners. Few cases of resource shortage happen in building. Most of city builders fail to afford a decent existing manner for beginners as there is shortage here and there. These games produce more inactive cities for old gamers to swallow.

Apart from enough resources, it’s a good strategy for ToN to forge a sense of safety by leading them into guilds or entitling any to start his own guild without asking them to demonstrate any combat powers. It’s really impossible for a lot of less interested gamers to be loyal while to be blocked. Some games are just pretending to be wiser by letting you unhappy.

Anything to prove itself must put its best part at the door. That’s why babies are taught nursery rhymes prior to the daily nonsense. Grinding isn’t to be taught by games. This modern society, with its propelling and lures, has remodeled the laziest guy to a family supporter. What we basically expect of an MMORPG? Yes, the warm interaction, which can be realized by a simple gesture but often blocked. ToN does it! I did feel the warmth and heat of a guild which I start at level 7.

Thirst of Night collapses to something else when I go beyond level 8. The timer is used for each building and upgrading process, but when I got the level 8 and enter a wider map, I found that no timer is set. I get to a lawless realm by holding out for this turning-point level. In fact I launched more than ten robberies in few hours. They are attacked just because it’s high time to have a sleep in their regions. in fact I feel guilty about my boost in wealth and power. At least there must be a protection for sleep time. It’s not healthy to base the success on stealth, especially when such stealth is totally free from any constrictions. For example, only the cities uncared for above 48 hours can be attacked. But I will be guiltier if I did refrain from the harvesting. Because I am still hoping that some modifications can be made later.

Ton has leaderboard for intensive PvP, which is available weekly. Competition is the most juicy part for a game for its face to face humiliating. However this are kept mysterious to outsiders unless they have money to pave way.

Gambling brings some cheer to those heavily tasked vampires, but Lilith’s luck offered in the game amounts to a disappointment. You have to pay after three trials. I feel refused like a beggar when I am driven away with proud smiles for my previous luck. In fact, there are more things that are unavailable without cash. I always think a balance between payers and non-payers are a big deal to prevent a game from being deprived of the strategy fun, also the intellectual fun.

Thirst of Night, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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