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Zynga Zynga : June 29 2012 : Social Life Simulation


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The Ville Online is a free social online game from Zynga, the maker of FarmVille and CastleVille. The game is widely considered as a copycat of EA’s the Sims Social and in August 5, 2012, reports said EA is ready to sue Zynga for its blatant ripoff of Sims Social.

With The Ville you can live your dreams now: Would you like to have a completely different profession? Or live in a mansion? Play a musical instrument? Hold huge parties? In The Ville you have the opportunity to do everything you want in your dream.

Starting with the task of setting up your own house, you need to build your relationships with your facebook friends and invite them to have a party and make Recipes and you can even have your virtual avatar take a nap in the bed.


The Ville, as a matter of fact, revolves around the domestic life in and just outside your house.

You have to start from scratch by building a house of your own, add rooms, necessities, furniture, and decorations. Then you are allowed to invite your friends over and hang out with them. You can have pies, watch TV, or chat with your neighbors. Surprisingly, you can even make out with a neighbor as long as you two are intimate enough and of course, that would be after lots of interactions and sharing. And, occasionally you can go to parties held in your neighbor’s houses or even invite them to your own parties.

Naturally, you have to pay money to purchase all the stuff you need for your house and for the parties. You can make that money in your house simply by watering potted anthuriums, reading books, or even jump on the trampoline. Those only bring small amounts of money and you can work as a freelancer who completes all the assignments using computers and equipment at home.

Everything in The Ville seems inventive and intriguing though the fact that you can make money by doing things such as using your bathroom is totally absurd. But, any way, it’s still an intensively social game you would not wanna miss.

The Ville, 4.6 out of 5 based on 72 ratings

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