Sins of a Dark Age

Sins of a Dark Age

Ironclad Games Infinite Game Publishing : 2012 : MMORPG


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Sins of a Dark Age is a real-time strategy and action MMORPG published by Ironclad Games.
In this game, you are to join a team to complete a certain mission in each scenario. A team consists of several heroes and a commander and you can choose to be a hero or a commander. If you are a hero, you will be on the battlefield and fighting against enemies directly. It is also your responsibility to wipe out the enemy army, kill enemy heroes, and collect resources. If you opt to be a commander, you are to set up a base, exercise leadership, build your defenses, train your soldiers, come up with battle plans, and supervise your troops while they are in the battle.
The game is designed player-friendly since gamers of different skills are automatically matched with players of similar skill levels to cooperate for fulfilling their tasks. For example, novices are matched with beginners to complete initial quests before they level up and are matched with more skilled players.
Sins of a Dark Age is offered free and you can only gain power in this game by learning and exercising skills. But you can deck out your character by purchasing a new hero, commander, new skin, or other cool stuff.

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