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Odin Quest

4399 YouJoy : August 4, 2012 : Action RPG


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Odin Quest is a browser-based MMORPG by YouJoy, owned by China-based DragonsMeet, the operator of Yoogames.com. In the game, players are able to create their heroes to explore environment like monster encounter, story-driven quest and social interaction, engage in the real-time battle, and pet-based tournaments.

Like Soul of Guardian and Tamer Saga, Odin Quest conjures up a fantasy world where path-tracking, pet training, online trading, equipment crafting and skill learning are all possible.


Odin Quest, the first MMORPG published exclusively by YouJoy, is a satisfying game that uses the latest web browser technology as a superfluous ornament to its quality graphics rendering. Yet it is more of a fantasy game than Crystal Saga and Soul of Guardian, with its fast-paced level-up, and friendly navigation that has seldom seen in today’s MMORPGs.

The idea behind this game, as with the others we has seen, is to offer what we call dungeon raid and weapon crafting that tempt you to keep slay monsters and brawling dungeons to collect some rewards and experience. To put it simple, games like this is commonplace in today’s online game market, but either of huge client size, or system requirement hampers players from playing those games.

Odin Quest comes right when the embarrassing situation is addressed in an easy way. Players only need to open a browser and are able to experience the quality game that could match the client game, or even suppass it.

However, this game is originally developed by Chinese guys and the localization to English is not satisfying. Sometimes you will be confused by what the game quests describes, and sometimes, you will be laughing at its clumsy translation.

In a word, Odin quest has been great in terms of its technology, graphics and sound. It is only in the closed beta and the official guys are really active in correcting ingame translations and some awkward wording.

Odin Quest, 4.7 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

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