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Mythic Saga is a 2D browser-based online game where players principally role play as one of 4 classes and complete the system-assigned missions. The gameplay centers around monsters killing, item collecting, pet raising and online fighting however the game itself does not deliver anything new. What is worse, the game’s localization from Chinese to English makes the game feel inconsistent with Chinese cultures and the original game. The developers did a inferior translation job.

Like Gamewave’s other games, Mythic Saga is deeply rooted in Chinese cultures with ancient legendary Gods envisioned in the Chinese fiction – Apotheosis of Heroes.


Mythic Saga is absolutely among the best Chinese MMORPGs, believe it or not.

The gameplay actually isn’t unique whatsoever – the overused map exploring, monster slaying, material collecting, and mount driving, just like in Crystal Saga and Serenia Fantasy. Besides, it incorporates a zodiac system where players can little by little unlock the mysterious cosmic power and use it in battles

The typically anime-style characters easily dazzle our eyes from the get-go, though they might not be the star throughout the game – the characters are always so small that you wouldn’t even care how they look like. What please you are the detailed and varied sceneries and the always changing in-game weather, which help make the otherwise dull missions sort of a delight.

And Mythic Saga boasts this very handy mission tracking system that displays quest titles, mission targets or NPCs and concerned maps in different colors. That facilitates the exploration to a great extent – after all, there are too many maps involved and sometimes you have to travel through several of them before you can reach your destination.

However, the game sometimes unnecessarily quests players with killing 200 hundred of monsters in a story mission. That’s unbelievably boring and you would have no choice but activate the automatic combating function. Luckily, you can set in advance the skills to use, drops to pick up and even under what circumstances the potions should be used, which can be quite convenient.

With the varying scenes and convenient mission tracking system, Mythic Saga stands out among so many MMORPGs produced in China, but it’s still got things to improve.

Mythic Saga, 4.6 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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