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Hidden Chronicles is a hidden object in the social network Facebook. You can reach the mansion Ramsey Manor shortly after the death of your uncle Geoffrey, who died under mysterious circumstances. In the library you will receive a first notice of him.

The assistant of your uncle, his colleague at the mysterious “guards” and other people will help you uncover more and more clues to the circumstances of his death and ultimately reveal the secrets of Ramsey Manor. The further you progress through the game, the more you unlock spaces and places where you can discover new information.

In addition to the objects in the picture where you have to discover hidden items in a list within a time, you will find numerous mini-games in Hidden Chronicles and you can access your Facebook friends with gifts and notes under the arms, just like these can help you. With its richly detailed and varied images and the varied background music, Hidden Chronicles is a real highlight for fans of Hidden Object.


How do I get energy, and what is it spent on?

Energy is essential for game play, and you use it to enter scenes. Energy is received as a gift from your friends, by visiting neighbors, purchasing it in the Marketplace, when leveling up, or automatically over time. 1 Energy is earned every 5 minutes, as long as you have less than the maximum energy available.

How do I find the hidden objects?

Use the clues listed to identify the objects in each scene. Clues listed in blue are Super Clues that can require you to find a few objects and complete a series of activities. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the time it takes to find all items.

How do I complete a Find the Difference scene?

Find the Difference scenes give you two of the same picture, with a few items missing that you must identify. No items are listed; it’s just a matter of spotting the difference between the 2 images shown. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the time it takes to find all items.

How does scene mastery work? What is the highest score possible per scene? What is the max level of mastery possible?

Each time you play a scene, you earn points based on your actions in the scene – things such as taking a hint, time, difficulty, and combinations of items found all contribute to the score that you can earn in each scene. The more points that you earn per scene, the more trophies you will earn for that scene; the scene will become a little more challenging each time you reach a new trophy level. The highest total score possible is 2 million points. You can earn up to 5 Mastery trophies in each scene.

What are the Super Clues?

Super Clues are listed with blue text in the scene. These clues require players to complete 2 or more actions in the scene to get credit.

What are artifacts?

Artifacts are what enable you to explore the scenes, and they point to a powerful book, known as the Hidden Chronicles. The Guardian’s role is to restore these artifacts through the completion of quests and scenes to find the Hidden Chronicles.

How do I play the mini games?

Mini Games are available after finding all clues in select scenes. You may be asked to discover a certain number of coins, or re-assemble a ripped note. Mini games are scored as a bonus for the scene that they are available in. The faster you complete the mini game, the higher the bonus for that scene will be.

What do I do when I visit my friends?

When visiting your friends daily, you can challenge them to a game of FastFind to see which of you can find more hidden objects in a particular scene in 60 seconds. You can also hide a secret package on a neighbor’s estate so they will have a surprise next time they play the game.

How do FastFind games work?

FastFind games allow you to challenge your friends to find as many items as possible within 60 seconds. Points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and total number of items found.

What are estate points and how do I earn them?

Estate Points are used to unlock new scenes to complete various quests. They are earned by decorating your estate with various items from the marketplace.. Be careful! When you sell an item that you’ve decorated your estate with, you will also lose the estate points for that item.

What are timed items?

Timed items are decoration items that can be found in the market. These items also assist players with quest progress as they restore Ramsey Manor back to its glory. After placing a timed item, you will need to wait for the timer to run out before completing it and receiving the estate points that it gives.

Do I need to click on doobers to collect them?

No. If you don’t click on them, doobers will automatically be added after a period of time, as long as you stay on your estate. If you visit a neighbor or close the game before the doober is collected, it will not be added to your total game statistics.

How do I earn XP and what is it used for?

You can earn XP by completing scenes and certain quests. XP is used to level up in the game.

How do I earn reputation points?

Reputation points are earned as players visit their neighbors, by hiding/finding secret packages, or by challenging them to see who can get the highest score in a game of FastFind. Earning these points can unlock new items in the market and even certain scenes.

How can I buy new decorations for my estate?

All decorations for your estate are in the Market. Some items can be purchased with estate coins and some can be purchased with estate cash.

How do I move, rotate or sell/remove an object?

To sell, move, or rotate an item click on the tools menu (indicated by a yellow arrow) in the bottom right hand corner of the game. Once you select which option you want from this menu, click on the item that you want the action applied to.

How do I expand to full screen view?

The full screen icon is located within the settings menu (indicated by the yellow gears) in the bottom right hand corner of the game when on your estate property. When you’re in a scene, there is a button in the lower right corner for that you can use as well.

How do I navigate to the artifacts?

You can see the artifacts in various rooms by clicking the map icon in the top right hand corner of the main scenes menu. Players must first click on their Mansion on their estate and then click on the small map in the top right corner. From this map, just select the room that you want to visit in order to see its artifacts.

How do I purchase Estate Cash?

Estate Cash can be purchased in the Add Coins and Cash tab at the top of the game. You are also taken to this tab when you try to complete a transaction that you currently don’t have enough cash to complete.

How can I earn cash? In-game, and out of the game?

You earn 1 Estate Cash each time you gain a level in the game. You can also earn Estate Cash by completing a variety of offers on the Earn Cash and Coins tab at the top of the game.

Are there more scenes? Info on where to pay to play scenes are – Premium tab

Additional scenes are located on the Premium Tab of the Scene Menu. Each room in the manor also has scenes that can be unlocked for Estate Cash or by earning enough Reputation Points. We’ll be releasing many new quests and scenes after the initial game launch, so check back regularly to see what’s new!

What are clues for? How can I expand my estate property?

There are 3 ways to get clues in Hidden Chronicles:

1. Earn X Trophies > players can unlock expansion areas as they earn mastery points for completing scenes. Some areas require a total number of trophies while some ask for trophies related to specific Artifacts.

2. Ask your friends to send you clues to prepare for exploring the Estate. Clues can be gifted from the Free Gift page and also purchased from the Market.

3. Have X amount of Coins > Players must have a certain total of coins in their account to complete the 3rd requirement for expanding their estate property.

Lost Trunk items > Lost trunks will get players additional XP, Energy & Reputation points.

Hidden Scenes – Expanding your estate property can unlock additional Hidden Scenes for players.

How do crew buildings work?

Some items in the game require players to hire neighbors as crew to complete construction. Players must place the item on their estate, and then click on the item to see and send crew requests to their neighbors.

Players can also complete these items with Estate Cash.

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