Galaxy Life

Galaxy Life

Digital Chocolate Digital Chocolate : 11/24/2011 : Strategy Games


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The Facebook game Galaxy Life is a building strategy game. You are the leader of the Starlings, which are threatened by the devious Firebit. On your planet you help Starling, build defenses and train troops to defend against Firebit.

You get your missions from experienced Starlings to prepare for the attack of the Firebit and can attack them yourself: build defenses, turrets and training camps; take care of resources, labor and storage facilities; train troops; and visit neighbors. In addition, you open up the planet and its resources.

With more complex tasks you build a strong empire with a booming economy and a strong defense. With well-trained troops and heavy equipment, you keep your opponents at bay.

Galaxy Life, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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