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Cyber Monster is an online game turn-based combat MMO from NGames. Set in medieval Europe, Cyber Monster brings you into an anime-style dreamland where you aim at defeating as many monsters as possible and then taming them into loyal pets. Upon arrival, you choose your favorite avatar from four options, including Warrior, Mage, Priest, and Ranger, each of which possesses its own set of skills and powers. Then you embark on your journey in the beautifully-crafted world. Before long, you will realize that the world is infested with a diversity of monsters, ranging from demons and dragons to sprites and animals. They have to be beaten down and trained into docile companies, if you want to carry on your adventure and become the best tamer.

Aside from exquisite graphics and enchanting storyline, Cyber Monster also incorporates a series of well-thought-out systems. In short, Emblem System enables you to boost up one of your five attributes in order to deal with different enemies. Album System helps you collect all conquered monsters. Pets Deployment System allows you to form different strategic combat formations. And Pets’ Sigil System makes sure that you can get rid of weak pets while enhancing the abilities of existing ones.

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