Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga

QianWang Crystal-Saga : April, 2011 : MMORPG


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Crystal Saga is an anime-style MMORPG where you go about all sorts of affairs, such as training cuddly pets, smashing tough beasts, exploring dangerous dungeons etc. When you wander across the 2.5D game world, you may suddenly get besieged or attacked by your enemies. In this case, you just do whatever you can to gain victory. The winner will get bountiful rewards, including rare items and extra points. To be fair, Crystal Saga stays merely mundane for lack of special features, but it still counts as a solid yet classic title.


Crystal Saga is a MMORPG that requires only a browser Flash plugin installed and an account to play. You are able to role play as humans and elves in the struggle to fight the undead to save the world from destruction.

As a browser MMORPG, Crystal Saga graphics are good enough and gamers can discover the similar experience of Ragnarok Online. Also the game runs smoothly in any browsers without lag. With its tender and anime-style graphics, it has already appealed to a large number of players, mainly because they have special effects in the attacks – something not working on games made in Flash.

The gameplay presented in Crystal Saga is amazing, because you can use a multitude of shortcuts to make use of skills. Moreover, its stability is remarkable: the game does not crash almost in no time and commands always provide accurate responses, even in maps packed with players.

Unlike those online games run on Miniclip or AdditingGames, Crystal Saga, despite powered by Flash plugin, offers all MMOs have. For example, the massive maps, large-scale war, interactive guild, and active community. However, compared to MMORPGs that require installation, all the highlights mentioned above fall apart: its graphics are visually polluted because all its elements are 2D, causing much confusion to identify certain elements in the landscape.

Game running in the browser is pretty cool so much so that it saves a lot of time to download a client, but it has also posed a problem when hardcore gamers need fastspeed loading. For example, when we encounter a new map, we will have to wait a little bit longer than usual, while such loading won’t happen in client games. The low resolution of the characters and visual effects shown in the execution of special moves could not even meed those demanding players. In addition, the game has no possibility to change the camera position: it would be great to bring the character to see preview of the items lying on the floor or turn around the power scenario.

The Crystal Saga sound effects are weak, poor quality and repetitive, which can irritate the user very attentive to such details. However, if you set the volume of background music to the top of the effects, they should not bother you – after all, the tunes are long and of good quality.

Crystal Saga, 3.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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