Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy

Yipeegame Xixigames : 01/24/2012 : Role-playing Games


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It all started long long ago when there was this world named Vidalia, where only brutal elementary forces and chaos existed and no life could be found. As a result, Gaia, the Goddess of the earth, felt obliged to protect the world and deemed it a must to impose order. And so she did, though afterwards she fell asleep out of exhaustion.

However, with the development of this world, human’s avarice, thirst for power, and pursuit of self-centered interest, stirred the world and ended in wars that seemed to last forever. In these wars ghosts came into being. These undead fed on the darkest side in humans, hatred and bitterness. After constant brutal wars, those ghosts grew formidable and invincible and none shall be safe from them. They roamed around the world, leaving only withered crops and barren land. In despair, human sought help from the Elf, guardian of the seed of life, which was created by the now sleeping Goddess. Eventually the Elf did unlock the magical power stored in the seed of life, upon which all the undead vanished.

The world peace resumed and peole were full of remorse and grateful for the end of the hellish nightmare. You, who shared that dark past but somehow couldn’t remember at all, followed the guidance of Goddess Fortuna and started your quest of the world to discover the missing past.

Crystal Legacy, a story with Chinese flavor, awaits you to get to learn about the present Vidalia and figure out the past.

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