Chaos of Three Kingdoms

Chaos of Three Kingdoms


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Chaos of Three Kingdoms, (Three Kingdoms Online, commonly abbreviated as TKO), is a browser-based online game seamlessly knitting the empire building, RPG elements, strategy and management simulation which delivers a gripping storyline, clean interface and a whole bunch of gorgeous graphics.

Set in the chaotic times of Eastern Han dynasty in ancient China, TKO offers players a virtual world in which they can role play as one of three regional ambitious factions (Wei, Shu and Wu) and fight with each other so as to ascend to the throne of the emperor of the whole country.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms offers engaging combat and sophisticated warfare strategies, fans of strategy or hack-and –slash RPGs will never be disappointed.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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