Arctic Combat

Arctic Combat

Webzen Webzen : 2012 : MMOFPS


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Arctic Combat, developed and published by South Korea-based Webzen, is an upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS game powered by Unreal Engine2.5.

The game is set in a possible near future when large reserves of oil and natural gas are discovered beneath the Arctic Circle, and a third World War broke out because ‘RSA’ and ‘AF’, the two largest military powers in the world, battle over control of the resources. In this game, you are to join groups to search allies for opposing teams. Like in many other RP shooters, you have to lift your gun frequently and take down all the enemies once they show up. You will also able to perform weapon upgrades and customization now and then. It is advisable to collect packages dropped by dead soldiers for extra weapons or wound healing no matter the dead persons are foes or companions. The game incorporates a full skill system that provides both active and passive abilities for smooth battle experiences and an auction system that allows for item transactions between players.

Arctic Combat, sporting easy controls and realistic gore display, will arrive in the US later this year, with an Alpha due in the 2nd quarter.

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